Monday, July 16 and Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Penticton Trade and Convention Centre
273 Power Street Penticton, BC Canada V2A 7K9

2017 Agenda Topics

Viticulture Plenary and Enology Special Sessions and Workshops (including Alternative Varieties Sensory Tasting) – Monday, July 17th

Enology Plenary and Viticulture Special Sessions and Workshops – Tuesday, July 18th

Some conference highlights:

  • Vineyard Floor Management for Sustainable Viticulture, Dr. Kerri Steenwerth, USDA at UC Davis, and Dr. Tom Lowery, Summerland RDC
  • Sustainability and Economics in Wine Production, Dr. Bruce Zoecklein, Virginia Tech, and Dr. Karl Storchmann, New York University
  • Water Stress Monitoring and Detection Using IR Sensors, Remote Imaging, and Drones, Dr. Krista Shellie, USDA in Idaho, Dr. Pat Bowen, Summerland RDC
  • Grape Pest and Disease Identification and Management Strategies, Dr. Susanna Acheampong, BCMAF, Dr. José Urbes Torres, Dr. Tom Lowery, Dan O’Gorman, and Dr. Sudarsana Poojari, Summerland RDC
  • Evaluating Grape and Wine Quality, Dr. Wendy V. Parr, Lincoln University, New Zealand, and Dr. Matthias Schmitt, Hochschule GEISENHEIM University, Germany
  • Molecular Approaches to Studying Water Stress and Yeast Strains, Dr. Dan Durall, UBC, Dr. Vivien Measday, UBC and Dr. Simone Castellarian, UBC
  • Elusive Nature of Minerality in White Wine, Dr. Wendy V. Parr, Lincoln University, New Zealand

And a Special Session on Sustainability, Climate Change and Wine Production, Research Updates, Health and Safety Workshops, an All Speakers Panel, Research Posters, Tradeshow Presentations, and much more.

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