Prepared by:
Brad Estergaard

Attached is the August 2019 GDD Update for Summerland and Osoyoos.

Hardiness - January 2013

Prepared by: 
Pat Bowen & Carl Bogdanoff
January, 2013

As part of our research we have been measuring the hardiness of primary buds collected every two weeks from a number of commercial vineyards in the valley.  Attached, for your interest, are the average hardiness levels measured by location and variety since November. Each average hardiness level is from 15 buds (3 vines per site, 5 buds per vine). 

This report is not a guarantee that hardiness levels in any vineyard are the same or similar to those shown in the table.

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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada/Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada

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