BC Grapegrowers' Association

BC Grapegrowers’ Association (BCGA)

The British Columbia Grapegrowers’ Association is a non-profit organization that represents all commercial grape producers in British Columbia on agricultural issues and concerns. It works with other industry organizations, with provincial and federal agricultural organizations, and all levels of government to represent, promote, and advance the interests of all grape growers in British Columbia. Membership with the BCGA is entirely voluntary and funding for the Association is from the annual membership fees, currently set at $150/year for full membership and associate membership. A person who is a grapegrower is entitled to be a Full Member. A grapegrower is defined as someone who grows grapes on a commercial basis either for that party’s own use in processing of wine or for sale to third parties. Anyone who is not a grapegrower, but who has a vested interest in the BC grape and wine industry may apply to become an Associate Member.

Administration/Program Manager: Tyrion Miskell
PO Box 1138, Penticton, BC V2A 6J9
Phone: 1-877-762-4652 (toll free) or 778.819.0623

Membership: Danielle Rogers  bcga@grapegrowers.bc.ca 

Website: www.grapegrowers.bc.ca


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