AgSafe Mission & Vision Statement

We are committed to creating a safer work environment for British Columbia’s agricultural, landscaping and associated industries.

Our mandate is to develop and provide health and safety services.

With the help of our Safety Consultants and Advisors across the province, we provide site-specific health and safety programs, training courses, resource materials and advice.


Ron Maciborski | Regional Safety Consultant | 250-215-5293

Head Office

Suite 311 9440-202 Street | Langley, BC V1M4A6

Phone: 604.881.6078 | Toll Free: 1.877.533.1789

General AgSafe resources can be found at:

Worksafe Incident Flow Chart with embedded links:


To help employers in BC understand the benefits of a COR certification and how the AgSafe COR program works they produced a short 1 minute introductory video which  you can access following the link.

Other handy resource documents are included below.

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