Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA)

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Who or what does the organization report to?

Health Canada 


Mandatory/Regulatory or Voluntary/Non-Regulatory
What does the organization regulate or is in charge of with respect to vineyards/wineries

The PMRA is responsible for pesticide management in Canada. The agency:

  • registers pesticides after a stringent, science-based evaluation that ensures any risks are acceptable;
  • re-evaluates the pesticides currently on the market on a 15-year cycle to ensure the products meet current scientific standards; and
  • promotes sustainable pest management

Health Canada also promotes and verifies compliance with the Act and enforces compliance. 

How is this organization involved with starting a Vineyard/ Winery?

Vineyards should know what products are approved for use in their vineyards as well as proper handling, storage and disposal of pesticides. In addition, more information on sustainable pest management can be found on the PMRA website. 

Organization Category