British Columbia Grapegrowers’ Association (BCGGA)

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Who or what does the organization report to?

Elected Board of Directors

Mandatory/Regulatory or Voluntary/Non-Regulatory

The British Columbia Grapegrowers’ Association is a non-profit organization that represents all commercial wine grape producers in BC on agricultural issues and concerns.   We work with other industry organizations, with provincial and federal agricultural organizations an all levels of government to represent, promote, and advance the interests of all wine grape growers in the province.

What does the organization regulate or is in charge of with respect to vineyards/wineries
  • Represent, promote, and advance the interest of grape growers in British Columbia.
  • Promote agreement among grape growers in representations to government at all levels and to wineries and other wine and grape growing related industries.
  • Cooperate with other horticultural or agricultural organizations of primary producers with similar objectives, as the directors or members may consider advisable.
  • Cooperate with governments at all levels and with wineries and other wine and grape growing related industries to improve the economic welfare of the grape growing industry in British Columbia and the quality of grapes and wine in British Columbia.
  • Work toward stable and profitable markets for British Columbia grapes and wine.
  • Disseminate information to grape growers on grape varieties, viticultural practices, harvesting methods, prices and marketing of grapes
  • Enhance the knowledge of grape growers and the consumers of grapes and wine through educational programs and materials.
Required Reporting for BC Vineyards/Wineries

None; Voluntary annual acreage reporting

Benefits/Costs of joining

$150 annual membership

How is this organization involved with starting a Vineyard/ Winery?

The BCGA manages the Okanagan Similkameen Starling Control Program.  In the valley, we are in a very fortunate situation that we can have a significant impact on reducing the Starling populations.  Since 2007, grape growers have benefitted financially from the reduction of fruit loss.  

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