Research & Development Committee

The Chair of the R&D Committee is Kathy Malone who also represents the BC Wine Grape Council on the Committee.

The Committee mandate is to:

  • Foster sustainable resource management through the responsible and efficient use of water, soil, nutrients, and sprays.
  • Improve the efficiency of production and the quality of wines through better understanding of wine chemistry and microbiology.
  • Collaborate with wine and grape researchers to leverage the skills of the scientific community and educational institutions.
  • Transfer information and technology to industry through a range of publications, workshops and support systems.

To support these goals he R&D Committee funds research projects on an annual basis.  Projects are selected based on their relevance to priorities identified by the Committee members.  Priorities are established on an annual basis. 

Please contact Kate Durisek, for more information on project funding or becoming a member of the R&D Committee.

Chair & Board Liaison: Kathy Malone (Hillside Cellars)

Vice Chair: Carl Van der Merwe (Arterra)


Leverage the skills of the scientific community, educational institutions, independent consultants, wineries and growers with an interest and ability to assist in grape and wine research through effective collaboration.

Transfer research information and technology through a range of publications, workshops and support systems.

Current Committee members include:


  • Mike Watson 
  • Hans Buchler 
  • Mike Clark 
  • Corrie Krehbiel 
  • Jennifer Oishi 
  • Scott Robinson 
  • Howard Soon 
  • Senka Tennant
  • Lisa Wambold 
  • Nikki Callaway
  • Mark Hopley 
  • Sue de Charmoy
  • All BCWGC directors

Research Partners

  • Dr. P. Bowen (SuRDC)
  • Dr. S. Castellarin (UBC)
  • G. Jesperson (BCMAF)
  • Dr. T. Lowery (SuRDC)
  • Dr. L. Nelson (UBCO)
  • Jonathan Rouse (Ok. College)
  • Dr. K. Usher (SuRDC)
  • Dr. J. Urbez-Torres (SuRDC)
  • Gary Strachan (consultant)